Golfer of the Year - Men's Club


For competitions 1 to 8 the winner will receive 20 points. The next 18 players in rank will receive points from 18 points for 2nd place down to 1 point for 19th place

Points for the Hanley matchplay will be awarded as follows. Winner 20 points, runner-up 15 points, beaten semi-finalist 10 points each.

Player with the highest number of accumulated points at end of last GOY competition will be the Golfer of the Year
Eligibility rules apply.

2021 NETT Golfer of the Year: Larry Reddy 

2021 Gross Golfer of the Year: Aidan Grealish

2022 Nett Golfer of The Year

Kevin Smith leads the way half way through the competition with an impressive 79 points.

2022 Gross Golfer of The Year

Aiden Grealish is leading the way with a very impressive 92 points

Golfer of the Year 2022 NETT

Golfer of the Year 2022 GROSS